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Maker of .NET database and ActiveX Programming Tools

    WebGen + WebStor
    WebGen HTML generation tool for Sciter, Electron or any tool that can use webserver-like HTML generation.

WebStor secure content storage file for use with WebGen

    SQLite Desktop Database Explorer & COM DLL
    Easy to use COM DLL for SQLite database access in your distributed apps - NO ODBC/OLEDB drivers and NO ADO required. You also get the powerful and SQLitePlus database explorer tool - free to use.


    FileDb Simple .NET Database free to use
    Simple local No-SQL database DLL for use in your .NET and mobile phone applications.  There are 2 compiled DLL versions: full Windows and Portable Class Library (PCL) for use in mobile phone app development (esp. with Xamarin).

Use FileDb in your .NET application when you need:

  • A simple database to store and retrieve data locally.
  • You need to access this local data in a relational manner using LINQ.
  • You need an easy way to transfer data files over the Internet.
  • You need to encrypt your locally stored data.
  • You are using Xamarin for cross-platform mobile phone development and you want to use the same, easy to use .NET database.
  • Full source code available.


    Config Db for .NET free to use
    Free Configuration Database alternative to Windows Registry (just a source code file which uses FileDb).  Comes with a free editor/viewer very much like Windows RegEdit.  Use ConfigDb when:
  • You want an easy way to store and retrieve configuration data.
  • You don't want to use XML files because they are unwieldy.
  • You need your end users to be able to easily edit configuration data using the ConfigDb editor.

EzTools Software has a great reputation for excellent quality and technical support.

"Your tools are absolutely amazing.  And I've never experienced such great technical support - ever!  It must be a world-record to have a new feature added and uploaded within 30 minutes of the request!"


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