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 FileDb Simple No-SQL Database Engine for .NET and Explorer Tool


FileDb .NET Database  
FileDb Explorer  
EditListView Enhanced ListView  
WOW WebBrowser  


Download includes the strong named  .NET Standard and .NET 4.5 DLLs and Database Explorer

FileDb Explorer

If you're using FileDb then you need FileDb Explorer tool so you can visualize and edit your FileDb databases (this tool is not free).  FileDb Explorer implements a simple SQL parser so you can do simple queries using SELECT and ORDER BY.  You can edit and delete records directly in the Grid, which has a drag-drop data grouping ability - easily group on any column, and any number of columns.  You can edit array values (right-click on an array cell), and also import/export binary data in byte array cells.  You can purchase this tool via the Buy page.



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