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WOW and HSP go together naturally like hand and glove.  If you are embedding the WOW control in your program to display HTML, you are probably going to want to generate much of it dynamically.  For example, customer data from a database.  HSP is the logical choice to do that.  Having the ability to run ASP pages on the local machine to generate HTML dynamically is an incredible advantage.  And having it all work seamlessly within the WOW control is nothing less than fantastic.

Here is how you would execute an ASP page stored in an EzStor file in a WOW control:

wow1.Navigate "x-hsp://" & App.Path & "/myfiles.hsp/display_custs.asp"

Let's say that page generated a listing of customers with the customer name hyperlinked to the display_cust.asp page, like this:

Clicking on a customer hyperlink seamlessly executes the display_cust.asp page, which produces this page in the WOW control:

And clicking on the TransactionID link would display the transaction detail for the order.  This is how you can hyperlink your relational database data.


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